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Bernie Tiger BA, CADC, RSS


West Chester PA 19380

Bernie Tiger, LSK


Substance Abuse Counselor/Recovery Coach

I embrace a holistic view of human psychology in recovery that includes the physical, mental, emotional, relational, and spiritual.

With more than two decades of experience in the fields of behavioral health, mental health and addiction recovery, Bernie Tiger has dedicated his professional career to helping individuals recover from addiction and other co-occurring disorders. He has a deep understanding of the unique challenges his clients face, and his passion, education and professional experience make him eminently qualified to empower others in winning the battle for recovery.

Bernie treasures his most important role; that of a husband and father. He is a community leader who is actively engaged with a variety of human service programs in Chester County, PA. Bernie moved to Pennsylvania from Massachusetts with his family in 2011.  Bernie began a Toys for Tots Event after working with a homeless client who needed gifts for her children. The first year, 2012, the program served 132 children. Bernie facilitates this annual event which now serves over 2,000 children annualy, with the support of a volunteer group of more than 120 caring individuals. Bernie also runs an annual Recovery Month Event - held at the Coatesville Veterans Medical Center; the event began in 2013.

Bernie is a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor and has a BA degree in Psychology; with honors. Bernie also has CPI, CPR, CTC, First Aid, HIV, Blood Bourne Pathogens Certifications and is a Smoking Cessation and Prevention Provider from the Center for Tobacco Treatment Research and Training Preventive and Behavioral Medicine, University of Massachusetts Medical School.

Bernie loves spending time with his family. He is an active musician and enjoys time with his band and his home music studio. Bernie is also very active with Stages Arts Initiative, a 501(c)(3) non-profit Music and Arts Program where he is a board member and co-chair. Bernie assisted in creating the nonprofit corporation and helped establish programs, outreach and mentoring services. Bernie also assisted in building partnerships with Chester County MH/IDD, the Coatesville Veterans Medical Center and multiple local human service providers.


Why Choose Us?

Skills in the Key of Life is dedicated to serving individuals and families in their journey of recovery from alcoholism, addictions and other related behaviors. By providing support and guidance through our recovery coaching and counseling, LSK ensures the best possible outcomes though empowering clients to transform their beliefs, challenges, struggles and confusion into a joyful life of clarity, vibrancy and purpose. 


Individuals who are new in recovery, or those returning to recovery, need encouragement and guidance in all areas of their life to ensure best possible results. Our mission is to promote a foundation in recovery through our individual programs that emphasize honesty, trust, and respect so clients can become the person they were meant to be.


If you are open to the possibility that life’s challenges often bring opportunities for growth, and are willing to making changes in your inner and outer life, then you are a good candidate for Skills in the Key of Life.


B. Tiger



We believe in principles based on honor and integrity.


LSK understands that each decision we make and each action we take can benefit or harm clients, third-party sponsors, and ourselves. Therefore, we carefully consider the ethical implications of our decisions and actions, taking care to avoid harm of a physical, psychological, financial, legal, political, organizational, or spiritual nature. When problems arise, we make every effort to reconcile and resolve all conflicts, however small, and seek supervision and constructive consultation whenever helpful.


We believe in giving the individual the autonomy to live their lives as they see fit. This means less restriction while living with us, but not less support. We hold our clients accountable to the attainable daily lives that we think are necessary for recovery, as well as their own defined goals to achieve maximum success. As a result, we have clients who are ready to transition to their own living environments in three months and some that stay for as long as two years, with consistent success. By holding our clients accountable for their goals, actions and behaviors will give them the tools they need to crate change in their lives in the most positive way possible.


By listening to and truly hearing the individual, we identify underlying issues, are then able to meet them where they are and help determine what is best for each individual based their specific needs. We also work closely with the individual’s family as well, which has often times been devastated by their loved ones disease. We offer comprehensive, individualized recovery coaching for both men and women. A unique recovery plan is completed with each individual and family based on their specific needs. 


We continue to provide the highest level of care at the most cost effective price. We feel that our pricing strategy is well within reach of most families. While our pricing might not be the highest, we are committed to the highest level of professionalism, accreditation, and practices. We care about the recovery process, the welfare of our clients, and producing highly effective members of society.

Our Services

Here is the list of our practices and services for individuals and families. We are always here to answer any questions you may have about our therapeutic approach.

Certificates & Verifications

Bernie Tiger is highly verified and certificated practicing substance abuse counselor and recovery specialist