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Skills in the Key of Life is dedicated to serving individuals and families in their journey of recovery from alcoholism and addictions. By providing support and guidance through counseling, LSK ensures best possible outcomes.



Anyone suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction knows how powerful and crippling this disease can be. When a user accepts they can’t manage their addiction on their own, it is time to seek the help of a professional addiction counselor. Counselors are an important part of addiction therapy and their role and involvement in the treatment process is instrumental to recovery.


Addiction counselors can help support you throughout the treatment process and create an individualized plan for recovery and after-care. There are various types of therapy available while in treatment that will provide an array of benefits and allow you to sustain your sobriety while in recovery.



With the help of an addiction counselor, you can begin to establish what exactly caused you to turn to drugs or alcohol, identify potential triggers and create a long-term plan to sustain your sobriety. Both inpatient and outpatient treatment programs rely heavily on the use of addiction counseling and these take place in individual or group formats.


An addiction counselor’s role is to:


  •    Ease the transition from inpatient to outpatient care
  •    Reinforce the skills and insights gained by the patient during treatment
  •    Strengthen a prescribed after-care program
  •    Foster personal accountability and responsibility to self and others
  •    Educate families and colleagues about their role in the patient’s recovery process
  •    Remove family members from supervisory functions
  •    Help the patient develop education, career and life goals
  •    Expedite re-entry into school and/or work
  •    Provide ongoing evaluation of the patient’s progress
  •    Provide third-party validation and compliance documentation
  •    Enhance the benefits of mutual support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous, Al-Anon and Smart Recovery.



For Clients with needs specific to addiction recovery


  • Weekly one-on-one sessions
  • Creating an Action Plan and Goal Setting
  • Partnership with the client’s family throughout the process
  • General overall accountability
  • Encourage hope, optimism, and healthy living
  • Participation in Discharge Planning and any other applicable meetings at client’s treatment
  • Walk client through the process and help them with additional support services
  • Time Management
  • Scheduling Services
  • Progress updates to key professionals like Counselor, Probation Officer, etc.



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